Friday, 22 July 2016

Another Cute Number FREEBIE!!!

Would you like some awesome news? I have updated this file of adorable Jungle Number Posters to include numbers to 20! Prep them the same way as before by matting them onto coloured paper and laminating. For these numbers I would suggest using A3 pouches to laminate the 2 parts of each teen number together (this worked well for my number 10).

These posters have been a staple in my room this year, and that of lots and lots of other teachers! I have been so happy to see them in use in other classrooms and just HAD to share the teen version with you all! They are perfect for number sense warm ups and for aids when teaching number in math lessons - plus they make a ridiculously cute display!! Just click on the image above to download your very own copy :)

I hope you love the new set as much as the old.

Until next time my friends :)

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