Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Buggy Literacy FREEBIES

Hi there!!

I am back for a very quick post with a couple of FREEBIES to share :) click on the photos below to download the items!

This week we are learning math with some buggy friends so I thought I would add some bugs into our literacy rotations too.

Sight Word Sentences

I printed off these sight word sentences and the kiddies are able to copy them onto their whiteboards. I have also included a set of cards to use in a whole class setting. I blue tac them to my whiteboard next to the sentences and as a class practise reading them.

Buggy Spelling

This is just a fun centre! I printed off enough copies of the word mat so that each chlid in the groups can have one, along with a set of the cards. The kids take turns to grab a word card, find the matching word on their mats and spell it.

I hope you like these little FREEBIES for your classroom!

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