Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hop and Stop! - Easter Math FREEBIE!

Hello friends!!

Here in sunny Queensland we have just 1 week left until the Easter holidays!! (and I don't know about you but they couldn't come soon enough for me - I am EXHAUSTED!)

Although this week is going to be jam-packed with our Easter Hat Parade, rewards day, cross country and our break up day, we will be continuing with our number work this week and I would like to share my resources with you TODAY, before the last week of school.

Our rhyme this week is an adorable little poem I found called 'Hop and Stop' about rabbits - perfect for Easter! You can click on any of the images throughout this post to download the packet...FREE.

Inside this packet you will find the rhyme ready to be printed and bound or placed into a display folder. Personally I like placing my rhymes into folders and in the back of each, placing the whole group resources to go with each rhyme in clippy bags. Works a treat for me!

Along with the rhyme you will find two whole group math activities - Counting Carrots and Hidden Carrot. I have also included instruction pages for each activity. 

Finally there are two follow up activities to match - Bunny Tens Frames - Roll and Fill (instruction included) and a Counting Bunnies worksheet.

I hope that you and your students enjoy learning numbers with this adorable number rhyme!

Looking for more number rhyme resources? Click on the thumbnails below to download more FREEBIE resources!


Until next time...

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