Saturday, 12 March 2016

Five Little Speckled Frogs Math - with a HUGE FREEBIE!

Hello to all my fabulous teaching friends here in Oz! We are definitely over the hump of Term 1 now and only 9 days away from our Easter break (but hey, who's counting??). 

Last week I shared with you how my little Cubs are in need of a bit extra work on the basics this year. Over the last few weeks I have focused my teaching on learning to read, write, count and build numbers to 6 through the use of number rhymes and songs. This week we continued with the song 'Five Little Speckled Frogs' and I would love to share some resources with you which I found very useful with my little kiddies. 

You can click on the picture below to snag all the materials you will need to use Froggy Math in your classroom!

To give you an idea of how I use my focus rhyme with my kids, this is how my maths lessons go.

Number Sense Warm-Up

We start every maths lesson with a number sense warm-up - If you have been following my posts you would know by now that I just LOVE this part of my day! It is a chance to play with numbers. At the moment I am keeping to working mainly with numbers 1-6 and trying to match our theme for the week. I have always found that this time of day is when my Cubs are the most engaged! We don't all get a turn every day, but for most activities I try to give everyone a whiteboard or blocks to keep them involved in the game.

If you would like to read more about my warm-ups you can check out some posts by following the images below.

This week our warm-ups were all frog-themed. First we played a fishing game where 2 children came up and used my magnetic rods to fish for frogs (laminated pictures with paperclips attached), while the rest of the class counted to 20. The children then counted up their number of frogs and built it with sports marked in a chalk tens frame. We then had an opportunity to discuss who caught more or less, and recognise same numbers.

Next we played another variation of our fishing. This time our goal was to practise reading, writing and building our numbers. One child at a time hopped up, fished out a frog and read the number I stuck to the back. The Cubs then wrote the number on their whiteboards and built it with their cubes. I usually set up whiteboards or blocks in a semi-circle ready for our lesson. This helps to smooth the transition from lunch to starting our activity (and takes the stress out of having them not know where to sit). If we are not using any of these things I draw a semi-circle on the carpet in chalk as a guide.

Another day we played a combination of the two games and had two Cubs fish out a frog with a number on the back and build it in the 5 frames. This was a very quick game play and I managed to get through a fair few more kids.

Focus Lesson

After our warm-ups we move on to our lesson. I have mentioned before how my Cubs are very wriggly and cannot remain focused for very long. This is why my math focus lessons rarely go longer than 10 minutes at this stage. Below are some photos of our number lesson activities this week. We acted out the song with ourselves, blocks on our arms, and my story prompts. We ordered numbers to 5, counted and sequenced collections and build and counted frog collections using my big pond. (The pond is just made from A3 coloured cardboard - green grass, blue water and a couple brown rocks scattered). 

You can click on the picture below to grab your own copy of these materials PLUS a copy of the story to print and read to your own children.

This week we have also (finally) moved onto sorting by attributes. This was another math lesson. During the week I have two focus number lessons, and two focus lessons on another strand - sorting this term.

Buddy Follow-Up Games

For the last 10 minutes of our Maths session we play buddy games. I have snap bags of activities in buckets prepped and ready with everything my Cubs will need to make it easy quick and easy to start. This week we built froggy towers with cubes, played a dice game to build collections, and practised sorting shapes and counters. For this part of the day, I hand out the bags of materials to pairs (who I choose) and the Cubs find their own spot in the classroom and get to work. We are just getting started with buddy games so are still learning how to stay on task and work together.  

Again, if you would like a copy of these cute frog buddy games just click on the picture below!  

I know it is very short, but at the moment, that is how my Maths lessons look in Prep. As the year goes on we will slowly be able to extend our sessions, but at the moment it is more important to me to focus on the quality of learning, not the quantity of time spent.

I also just wanted to show you what we have been up to in learning our letters. This week we learned the letter d and made some very cute dotty dinosaurs. We practised handwriting the letter d and then write words starting with d on our whiteboards. Slowly, slowly, slowly we are getting there!

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own early years classroom. Don't forget to snag your own set of Five Little Speckled Frog Math by clicking on the picture below.

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Until next time my friends :)


  1. Hello! Can I firstly begin by saying your resources are incredible and my Kindergarten class love using them to support their learning.

    I have a question, did you create your upper and lower case yellow letter displays with the visuals, such as the one shown for the letter d?

    Where can I find them?

    Thank you! :)

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