Saturday, 27 February 2016

Colour Sort Freebie!

Beginning of Prep teacher moment...

Over the holidays I planned for this term, taking everything I had learned from my very first year in Prep. This year however, I found that my little Cubs need a little more work on their foundation skills like, colours and shapes. 

So I got busy!

This week I created, printed and laminated these cute little cards (after spending a decent amount of time Google-ing different pictures...BEFORE remembering that there is an amazing lady who sells photos on tpt!) On Friday we completed this colour sort together as a class. I handed out one card to each child and they had to state the colour they had and then match it up to the correct colour title. It was a great lesson, and one which I will be adding to my small group time.

Would you like to grab a set for yourself? Just click the image below and it will take you to the file! (Which has different photos which are suitable for commercial sharing, thanks to Strawberry Shake).

Hope you enjoy this little FREEBIE!

I am looking at making a similar activity for recognising basic 2D shapes as well so keep an eye out!

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