Friday 27 November 2015

Exploring Teen Numbers

This week my kiddies have been reviewing teen numbers, so I thought I would share some of the games we have been playing in Prep. I have also added in links to some cool activities I have come across in my Pinterest wanderings too.

Teen Numberline

Sweet and simple :) You know how I love my paper plates and keeping things easy!

Find the Fish

Another easy one. I just happened to have a laminated penguin and a fish in my teacher kit - you could substitute in anything you like.

Count 'em Up

For this activity I gave the kids (in pairs) 10 blocks in 1 colour and a handful in another. The kids then had to put the blocks together and identify the teen number they had made, and write it on a whiteboard. The kids can then pull them apart and swap with a friend and do it all over again.

Toss, Roll 'n' Count

A favourite among my kiddies and super easy. I printed off some cute pictures of different clipart actions and filled a pocket dice with them. A kiddie hops up, rolls the die for an action, then tosses the beanbag to tell how many times the class will perform the action. Chalk one up to whole body learning!

Giant Tens Frames

I really do try to keep things simple in my classroom, and when I find a game my kids really enjoy I milk it for all it's worth!

In the first game, I have a hoop filled with fish with numbers 1 to 10 on them, 2 tens frames on the carpet - one filled, one empty, 10 spare cones/markers and whiteboards and markers for each child. One kiddie will hop up, pull a number (1-10) and build that in the 2nd tens frame. We then talk about what the teen number is with 10 added. We use our Magic Pointer Fingers to write the teen number in the air, then on our whiteboards.

In the second game, both frames are empty and a kiddie tosses a beanbag onto an overturned paper plate and builds it in the tens frames. Again, we write the number on our whiteboards.

Guided Math Baskets

These baskets are lifesavers for me! Everything my table groups might need for showing numbers is right at their fingertips. We often use these when we are looking at showing numbers in multiple ways. I have 1 basket for each table group, and in each I have linking cubes in sticks of 10, pop sticks and bundles, MAB blocks, counters, hundreds boards, 10s and 20s boards, and whiteboard markers.

The next activities I will show you used these buckets to show tee numbers.

Toss, Turn 'n' Build

This was another pair activity I played with my kiddies. We tossed a beanbag onto a number, then worked in pairs to build the teen number. I encouraged the kiddies to start with one rod of 10 and count out the extras they would need. Great for team work, and especially good for differentiating as I could pair up children who needed a little support with children who could work independently at this level.

Toss, Read 'n' Show

This activity is pretty much the same, but you can substitute in any way to show numbers. You could even give s couple kids pop sticks for tally marks, some could have cubes, some 20s frames. You could then have the kiddies stand up and move around - like musical chairs - to show the next number in another way.

Sensory Numbers

My kiddies love to play with anything sensory! Building numerals is always one of our math work stations. These are a few ways we have tried - match sticks, marbles, kinetic sand, play dough, wiki stix, multilink cubes and sand trays.

Building Teen Numbers

I have found a million and one of this type of number mat on Pinterest. They are great for working on number knowledge and can be used with a whole range of manipulatives.

Outside Links

These are some awesome looking teen number activities I have found on Pinterest in my late night searches. I have added the links to each picture below for you to follow if you would like to find out more.

These cute cards are from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits and would be great for working on building teen numbers using place value.

I just love the look of these chains from Forever in 1st! I remember seeing them up in one of the grade 1 teachers classrooms in my school - They looked brilliant!

Probably my favourite - and definitely the cutest - way to show teen numbers is this adorable craftivity from Primary Press.

This Montessori-style board looks great from A Handmade Childhood and would be fantastic for teaching the connections between teen numbers and 10s.

Hope you found something useful!

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