Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Learning Number Words

Every early years teacher knows that number words can be tricky to teach and even trickier to learn. Below are some fun, hands-on games that can help make this a little more fun for you and your students :)

Number Puzzles

A quick and fun activity for connecting number names, numerals and collections. The best part about this is that you don't need any expensive materials or equipment - just a pen and some paper! By making them yourself, you can also interchange different ways of representing a number. You could easily swap out tally marks, pictures, or 5 or 10 frames. Either work as a whole class or as small groups - either way this is great practise for your little kiddos.

Number Word Bingo

An oldie but a goodie! Pretty self explanatory. Again, no need for expensive materials, cardboard, markers and counters will do. Add in some practise writing numbers by having the kiddies create their own boards with whiteboards and markers.

Number Word Hop

This one is great for any concept you want to teach. Use cards on the carpet with fly swatters or write words on the carpet and have the kids hop on them.

Paper Plate Match Up

I love my paper plate numbers :)

Read 'n' Toss

More practise reading and recognising number words, and connecting them to numerals. Again, just plastic buckets or bowls from a $2 store or paper plates, paper and pens, and whiteboards if you like.

Read 'n' Write and Roll 'n' Write

Both these games play the same way and are great practise writing number names. Display the number names you are going to focus on for the kiddies to refer to and to encourage correct spelling throughout the game. Either display a numeral or roll a die with numerals on it and have 2 or 3 kiddies find the matching number word and write it on a whiteboard. If you were to display the words a little larger and had a class set of whiteboards you could easily have the entire class writing the words at the same time.

Word Puzzles

A pen and some cut up paper and you have a fun word puzzle ready to go. To make it easier I have written each number on a different coloured paper. This would be good to add to a math rotation and have your kiddies write the nuber words they make on whiteboards, or make a few sets and challenge small groups to build the number words together.

Do you have any fun games that have helped your students learn number words?


  1. Great ideas. I'd love to see a peek at your day/week. When do you do all of these fantastic activities? Are most of them small group? Loving the new blog!

    1. Hi Vanessa! I would be more than happy to share a look at a day in my classroom (Monday - Thursday are pretty much the same). I will put that on my to do list :) regarding the activities I have posted so far, the majority of them I actually do in a whole group setting, but I might tweak them to add into my guided math lessons. Every day we do a number sense warm-up activity which I do as a whole class. Usually for these activities we are in a circle and take turns in 2s or 3s. While we play I keep the class engaged by them answering questions or giving explanations. It is also why just about all the activities I shared in my number sense post are extremely quick to play! The number words and addition actuvities will be added in after this depending on our focus. My school is very much wanting 'hand on learning' so this is where it helps.

      I will work on getting up a post about my day, but I hope this answers some of your questions :) Thanks for stopping by!

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